Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do all the figurines begin as original works of art?
Yes, each design was originally commissioned as part of one of our public art events. In some instances we have to adapt the artwork to enable the production of the ceramic replica but we work very closely with the artist involved to ensure the ceramic is as close to the original as possible.

2. What does the numbering on the bottom of a limited edition figurine mean?
This refers to the number in the series your particular ceramic is in relation to the total number in the limited edition series – ie 1/1000 is the first in a limited run of 1000 pieces.

3. Is it possible to choose the number of my limited edition figurine?
Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee numbers at present.

4. Is it possible to register my ceramics?
Yes, you may register all your Wild in Art figurines online with the Wild in Art Collectors Club. It is free to join and throughout the year you will be the first to hear about our exciting new collections and special limited edition ceramics. We are also planning some great special offers and exclusive competitions for members.